I miss you…come back

Early morning,i am seated on my bed thinking about what exactly is important to me.

Ever since i was younger,i knew what mattered and who mattered but now that i am almost twenty i am having a hard time grasping what matters.

Let me tell you a story i don’t tell.

I know a girl who was bullied for her height,who was bullied because she looked like a boy,she was also bullied because the people who mattered didn’t particularly dislike her,she was bullied because she was talented and could outrun most people in her class and most of all,she was bullied due to reasons beyond her.Reasons that she wouldn’t understand but she didn’t care.She didn’t care that some of her classmates derived happiness from her failures,she didn’t care that some people felt that she was a freak for being able to do certain things,she didn’t care that some people felt that she was not pretty enough to be among them or even rich enough.She didn’t care,because she knew the people who mattered didn’t mind her being who she was.The people who mattered helped and taught her how to survive and most of all took care of her.She was grateful and appreciated everything around her because she knew she was blessed to be who she was,but that was then.

Now,she’s grown up and although she carried her personality everywhere,her ability to grasp what mattered begun to wear off.She was now aware of how guys seemed to like the polished girls who behaved like ladies, how guys were drawn to the less sporty girl who was keen about her skin and careful not to get sunburns or blemishes,she was now aware that to get more likes and followers on instagram you had to show more skin and always be perfect.She was aware that people tended to like a tender person better than a strong willed person who could see through lies and facades built around her and all that…all that,got into her head.

She stopped doing what she loved the most because the people she now thought mattered didn’t like the things she did as they were unlady like,she started dressing with more femininity and preciseness and all of a sudden people started noticing her and complimenting her.She even started paying attention to the number of likes she got and how many followers she has not knowing that she had left the people who mattered behind.The ones who truly loved her for who she was.The ones who loved the reality that she couldn’t behave like a lady even if she had to.The ones who loved that girl who couldn’t stand lying to you and instead put you in your place.The one girl who didn’t care about hate comments because she knew what mattered and always did things she believed in even without money or likes involved.

I loved that girl and i miss her terribly and i know in my heart that she will wake up from her fantasy world and get back to reality.I believe that she will remember people who matter and get on with her life like a champ.I hope she won’t let the fantasy world devour her to a point that she is too late to get back what matters.I hope none of y’all lost themselves like she did and i pray that if you did,you will be able to get back to your self.I love y’all and have a blessed Sunday everyone.

Like and comment if you will.

I am planning on making Sunday my official posting day though i could also add posts any time depending on how inspired i am on that particular day.

Photo found in pinterest via google


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