His breath of fresh air(fiction based on true story)-Part 1


I had argued with my wife once again and I felt like it was becoming a routine. The fights between my wife and I had started when I started earning less money due to the recent change in management in our company. Many people had been laid off and some of us paid less than what we were used to. I would have left the company but the hustle was too much. I couldn’t afford to go job hunting and maybe risk being jobless, I decided to continue. My wife Becca couldn’t understand why I chose to stay and she wouldn’t listen, she wanted it her way or no way.

I didn’t see why Becca was so bitter about the situation yet we were still living comfortably. We had to cut back on costs but we were still doing okay. She was always on my neck about everything even working overtime in the office claiming I was cheating but I had been faithful to my wife since day one. My father had always advised me to always look back and remind myself about what made me fall in love with my wife in the first place whenever we argued and yes I did, every other time but I was getting tired. The fights were becoming worse by the minute and I couldn’t understand her. Didn’t we promise to love and cherish each other for richer or for poorer? What then? Didn’t she remember the vows, the vows that we had so happily said? She was slowly driving me away and that’s how I met Rakel.

I was going to the office one early morning and I saw her trying to juggle some documents in one hand and her coffee in the other and still with no luck, trying to open the door to the building. I decided to help. I had been tempted to leave her struggling for a while just because it was a funny scene and I had not experienced funny in a while but I couldn’t, I was born a gentleman.

The moment I opened the door for her, she turned and smiled. I swear I had not seen a better smile before. The moment she smiled, the room seemed to light up and I couldn’t help but smile back. She was a breath of fresh air, in my congested world. How could I not fall in love?

She thanked me profusely before leaving and I had not even noticed at first that she had left until I heard soft sounds made by her heels echo all around the lobby. I watched her as she walked away. Her head was up with an air of confidence I couldn’t master and her skirt hugged her behind perfectly. I was doomed. She was pure beauty and I was broken. A perfect mixture for destruction.

I can’t tell you when it started but what I know is I couldn’t wait to see her every day. The strong smell of strawberry in her hair and the way her skin felt like silk beneath my fingers. Her voice was like music to my ears and her intelligence was what attracted me the most not forgetting her witty tongue. Humour was her mother tongue and I was addicted…

I know I am a little vague and most would want something more detailed but don’t worry because I am working on the details on the next post. I didn’t want to bore you with a really long story so I decided to just cut it by introducing you to the characters in my story first. I really wanted to finish this post but I realized it would be too long so I am thinking of finishing it in my next post or let the story flow until it is done. My inspiration for this kind of blog is my fellow blogger lolyneongeriโ€ฆyou should check out her work, especially Scarlette’s Knight. She is a very good storyteller. I hope you like my story too. I was inspired by a series of true events. Please do enjoy it.

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